Dr. Anna Hoo (MD)

Taken from cosmetic Beauty and Surgery Personality write up:

Dr Anna Hoo had a regular upbringing in a small town. “I played in paddy fields as a kid and had fun catching fish by the river with my brothers. These (experiences) helped nurture my inquisitive and daring nature to seek challenges in life. I’m more of an outdoors girl, or simply put – a kampong (village) girl!” she laughs.

This kampong girl may be a relaxed, easy-going person, but she is sharp and quick-witted when on the job. Yet, she confesses to have stumbled upon aesthetic medicine by accident.

“I was offered a job at a skin clinic and had the privilege of being a pupil of some of the best dermatologists and surgeons, both nationally and internationally. I was led to discover the beauty of aesthetic medicine – many aspects of which I never knew were possible,” Dr. Hoo says.

“As time went by, the artist in me started to emerge. Every time I see a patient walking into the clinic, I will get excited and my brain will be filled with ideas on how I can improve the face of the patient,” she adds.

This pretty lady is obviously passionate about her work as her eyes sparkle when she talks about her interest in non-surgical forms of cosmetic treatments. “My special interests lie in laser treatments, injections like botulinum toxin type A and hyaluronic acid fillers, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) face rejuvenation,” Dr Hoo explains.

“Unfortunately, there is no one apparatus to suit every treatment and patient. Different procedures and different skin types require different treatment modalities. After studying a patient’s needs, we will tailor the necessary treatment for them in a safe and results-proven manner,” says Dr. Hoo.

Dr. Hoo feels that many patients today are ill-informed and gullible when it comes to cheap beauty offers and bargains, subsequently facing dire consequences. “Some of them don’t even know what was injected into them, what lasers were used on their skin, and what the side effects of those treatments are. I strive to educate anyone on this matter when they walk into my clinic. The most important message they should get from their consultation is education on the necessity of treatment and the various proven treatments available.” Dr. Hoo elaborates, “I say patient education is and has been the key feature of my job, and it is what I look forward to most when I see my patients – besides looking forward to results from the treatments!”

For someone on the frontline of aesthetic treatments, Dr. Hoo has a down-to-earth approach to beauty. She enthuses, “A person with love and self-confidence is beautiful, and my work and means of improving aesthetic appearance is aimed at improving one’s self-confidence. It’s like wearing a power suit to a job interview. When you feel good about yourself, you will excel in whatever you do!”