Does Diet really affect ACNE?

The commonest question a patient will ask toward the end of acne treatment consultation. 

Population-based and migration studies have suggested a correlation between diet and acne.

Studies have demonstrated that:

1.    Diet high in dairy products is associated with an increase risk for and severity of acne.
Researchers have found significant associations between all varieties of cow's milk and acne. The relationship between milk and acne severity may be explained by the presence of normal reproductive steroid hormones or through enhanced production of polypeptide hormones such as IGF-1, which can increase androgen exposure, and hence,increased acne risk.
2.    There is an association between a high-glycemic-index diet and longer acne duration. In addition, randomized clinical trials have demonstrated that a low-glycemic-load diet can influence hormonal levels and improve insulin sensitivity and acne.

3.  No study has established a positive association between acne and chocolate, saturated fat, or salt intake.

As a conclusion from the studies, dietary advice will be one of the main treatment modality for acne treatment. Patient should be more vigilant in selecting food that they are taking to assist in preventing from acne getting worse, and fasten the recovery of the acne.


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by William

Eating Healthy

One of my must-do’s during the Chinese New Year Holidays is a gathering with my former classmates to catch up with the old times. We all met up at a friend’s house for steamboat. After exchanging well wishes, we all sat down together at the round table. Some of friends have not aged much while others may look hoary. We are old of the same age but why do some age faster than the others?

This boils down to how well you look after yourself. I found that those who look better may not necessarily use more beauty products or undergo aesthetic procedure. Rather they lead a better, healthier lifestyle. Beauty should shines from within the body. A healthy body is an attractive one.

Nutrition is paramount. Many of us like to indulge in a certain food and we kept eating the same food as we like them. Take for example, my husband likes meat. He eats a lot meat and very fastidious when it comes to vegetable. Hence, his body has excess of protein and fat but lack in vitamins and minerals. This causes the body decompensate due to lack of vitamins and minerals. The skin tone becomes dull and there is tendency for his eczema to flair up.  The treatment is not about creams and medicine but just simply improving his eating habits. I revamp his food choices (well I am after all, his wife), encourage exercise habits and emphasizing adequate rest. His complexion improves and now the eczema has totally disappeared.

Eating healthily is paramount in looking after oneself. Improving one’s nutrition invariably improves the complexion, the immune system and the vitality. You feel more energized and fresh.  Take that step. Change for a better you.

Anna Hoo

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