Triangle of Youth 青春的三角形



年轻的皮肤和脸孔,有足够的波尿酸(Hyaluronic acid)和胶原 (collagen),皮肤收缩性良好,没有皱纹,面容饱满。

动态皱纹,有肉毒杆菌素来去除减少它;脸庞上流失的体积,可以用填充液(Filler)来填补;给皮肤补充水分 波尿酸,甚至可以给骨骼补充胶原。

很多人都可以说,“I would like to age gracefully”我愿意优雅的慢慢变老。


                                                                                                           William Hoo

Pigmentation Problems ( 1) Melasma


Staying in Malaysia, we are blessed with year round sunshine and sandy beaches. Nevertheless, pigmentation becomes a common concern amongst people over here compared to temperate countries like Europe, US or Japan. Hyperpigmentation is a condition many people chooses to be silent about but many, despite trying to ignore them, still finds this condition disturbing deep in their hearts.

 “One of the commonest problems faced by people in the tropics is hyperpigmentation, topic of sharing today is Melasma''.

Melasma, also known as “chloasma faciei” is a dark pigmentation on the face, which develops around the cheek, upper lips, nose bridge and sometimes, on the forehead on exposure to the sun. The cause of melasma is complex and it relates to genetic predisposition, sun exposure and hormonal factors. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who take oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and women around the menopausal period. Even though spontaneous resolution after menopause/ pregnancy does occur but in some of the patients, the pigmentation may persists for life.

This condition requires adequate avoidance of exposure to the sun and meticulous care towards sun exposed area on the body. However for those people who suffer from this hyperpigmentation problem, don’t get too worried as well. Studies have shown that melasma can be effectively reduced by Q-Switch ND-YAG laser, fractional Laser, chemical peeling combine with topical products.

------Photo before and after of  Q-Switch ND-YAG treatments. (Fotona QX-MAX - Courtesy of Vanusys)
Before treatment

After treatments

P/S: Melasma can be control, can't be totally cure. However, if it does come back, repeat the same treatment then it will reduce again.

                                                                                                                      Anna Hoo

Eye skin care 3

Now, you have cleaned your entire face.
It’s time to apply the eye serum/gel.
Aim: Prevention/Repairing

1.      Preferably in serum form for better absorption.
2.      Choose a product which is oil free to prevent clogged glands around the eyes that can lead to styes, milia, oil seeds and other ocular problems.
3.      Avoid products packaged that will require “dipping” fingers into a jar to prevent contamination.
4.      Be familiar with the common active ingredient in the eye serum/gel.
Common active ingredients are :

Vit C, Retinol, Vit E, Resveratrol

Wrinkle reduction:
Retinol Palmitate, Vit C, Ferrulic acid, Acetyl hexapeptide-3

Pigment reduction:
Vit K derivative

Puffiness reduction:
Caffeine, Bisobolol, Lecithin, Cucumber extract

The Key is: You need to know which eye problem that you suffering now to allow you to select the right eye care.

                                                                                                          Anna Hoo

Eye Makeup Removal Demonstration

Proper way to remove Eye Makeup

Special thanks to Zoee for live demonstration

                                                                                                                Anna Hoo