Let's start a gentle routine for your face everyday !

Face cleansing is a routine that most of us adhered to. Well, as simple as it may appear, simply splashing water and applying your favourite cleanser may not be just it. Doing it the wrong way may hasten the aging process.

Getting rid of impurities – impurities build up as dusts and smog, and even our sunscreen deposits onto our face during the day. Having a good cleanser means able to clean deep into the pores to remove these impurities. Remember, clogged pores are a good substrate for bacterial infections.

Protective barrier – while a good cleanser is effective at removing all impurities onto the face, do avoid cleansers which are too strong which washes away the protective natural moisturizer on our face. Do select a cleanser, which do not create a lot of foam during washing as this is a sign that the cleanser may be a tad too strong for our face. Cleansers with microbeads that scrub our face to provide that additional cleansing effect should also be limited to 2-3 times a week as overzealous scrubbing may destroy the natural protective layer of the skin.

Returning its glory – After cleansing, do remember to replenish your skin with a nice layer of moisturiser to give your skin the re-hydration it needs. Skin that is well hydrated is less likely to develop wrinkles.

Do explore for the best skin care products for yourself. Remember, every individual is unique. What suits others, may not be suitable for you.

Beauty that shines from within !

Beauty shines from within. The healthy body gives a healthy skin. What are the secrets to greater, healthier and better skin? No secret really.

Drink plenty of water every day, eat a balanced diet, reduce alcoholic beverages, replace them with fresh juice or mineral water; and avoid overeating. 

Also remember to set aside time for exercise 2-3 times a week for at least 20 minutes each time. Ideally, pick a hobby that involves exercise eg; cycling, futsal, aerobic dance classes. Make it fun.

How many of the above have you done in the past 1 week?


Let's stop the signs of aging.

Aging starts as early as 25 years old for some. The process starts with the loss of collagen, elastin (the highly elastic protein that allows the skin to resume its shape after stretching) and other fibrous tissues. These tissues are to be replaced at the same speed as destruction occurs but with aging, their destruction is faster than their replacement. The skin therefore, sags as the supportive tissue becomes lesser and lesser.

Signs are not apparent in the initial phase but as the sagging worsens, signs begin to unmask.

Re-stimulation of these supportive tissues is a way to combat aging. Laser stimulation of these supportive tissues is a popular mode of rejuvenation. It is safe, non-invasive and comes with minimal downtime. It acts by inflicting energy at the fascial layer of the skin to stimulate proliferation and reorganization of supportive tissues of the skin. This gives a lifting effect by generating new supportive cells at the treated area. 

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