Is Your Neck Revealing Your Age ?

The skin over our neck is thin and lacks support. It dries easily as the oil and sweat glands are not as many compared to the other parts of the body. Hence the skin over the neck tends to sag and form wrinkles easily. Here are some of the ways to deal with it:

Look after your neck as well as you look after your face – we often apply moisturisers and sunscreen over our face but rarely over our neck. Our neck in fact requires more tender, love and care compared to our face given the higher propensity for sagging and wrinkles.

Laser therapy – laser therapy can give tissue tightening, stimulate new collagen formation and improve hydration over the treated area. It gives the skin over the neck a good rejuvenation. Because of the specific nature of the laser therapy, the underlying structures of the neck e.g. blood vessels, nerves, airways and oesophagus will not be affected at all.

Injectables – Botulinum toxin softens the muscles, which are over-contracting, and pulling the skin southwards while platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) helps to improve regeneration and hydration of the overlying skin.

Reduce fat over the neck – while having some improves of the support over the neck, having too much of it will add weight to the overlying skin and cause a dragging effect on the skin over the neck. Reducing the fat over the neck will help to reduce the drag, not to mention relieving the potential airway obstruction during sleep.