Eye skin care 2

Eye skin care 2

Choosing the right eye care product is not an easy task. One should take extra care and effort when choosing the eye care product.  Products that contain gentle, non-irritating compounds that target the specific problem are ideal choices. 

What are the necessary eyes care that you need around the eye?

Generally, the eye area will need:
  1. Cleanser
  2. Aging prevention serum (dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation)
  3. Hydrating Moisturizer
  4. Protective Sunblock

Eye make-up removal
To remove waterproof mascara, choose a makeup remover which is oil based (e.g. mineral oil or plant oil).

If you wear contact lenses (and don’t wear waterproof mascara), avoid oil-based removers, which can leave a coat of film on your contact lenses.

If you have sensitive skin, try fragrance free products that are definitely oil-free and alcohol-free.

Most non-waterproof mascaras can be removed using a mild facial cleanser and water.

How to use it:

  • Soak the cotton wool in the make-up remover and place it over the eyelids.
  • Wait 5 to 10 seconds for the make-up to softens, then gently stroke the eye lashes from base to tip to remove the mascara.
  • Then stroke softly from the inside to the outside of the corner of the eye. Repeat this process until all make-up is removed.  
  • Use a cotton bud soaked in the remover and gently wipe stubborn make-up away, especially eyeliner around the lashes.
  • Now you can cleanse your whole face with your skin specific cleanser. 

                                                                                                   Anna Hoo





-          分量不足:肌肉太过活跃的,不过治疗的分量却注射不足,于是,就会可能看不到效果,或效果不如理想。
-          药物收藏的环境不对,温度不适合:环境如果温度太高,就会对肉毒杆菌素产生伤害,也就是所谓的分解,毕竟,肉毒杆菌素是一种蛋白质。
-          稀释的分量不对:稀释的分量比率不对,那么将要注射的分量就难以精确的计算和输出。

-          错误的肌肉选择:有些肌肉比较表面,有些肌肉的位置比较深入,如果注射了不对的深度,那么想要的效果就不尽人意了。
-          肌肉的位置注射不到,因为肌肉太深入了,或探测不到。
-          病人本身就有一些肌肉的疾病或缺陷问题

-          本身体内有对于肉毒杆菌素的免疫细胞,也许之前有过接触或感染,身体产生了对于肉毒杆菌素的免疫细胞,所以打入体内的肉毒杆菌素不能产生作用。




                                                        William Hoo

Eye Skin Care 1

Eye Skin Care 1

The eye is a very delicate area on the face. If you do notice, the skin around the eye is not the same as the skin at the rest of the face. It is special in a particular way that:
  1. It has minimal sebaceous glands (oil producing gland), which makes it very prone to dryness.
  2. The skin over that area is thin and at times, you may able to visualise the blood vessels underneath the skin.
  3. The blood vessel lies superficially, very close to the surface of the skin.
  4. The skin is prone to movement, easily getting wrinkles in the process, compared to other areas of the face.
  5.  There is minimal amount of subcutaneous tissue (the fat and other packing cells underneath the skin) which can lead to prominent tear trough and bulged eyes.

One of the areas that give away one’s age is the eyes. Therefore, if you want to keep looking young, you will need to start taking care of your eyes at a very young age. Try neutralizing or reducing the aging factor and you will see aging process creeping up onto you face slower than your peers. 

Fortunately, the area around the eye can be given individualized attention it deserved. There are a myriad skin care products ranging from eye makeup removal, eye serum and eye cream from various brands in the market to help you achieve this. Now, here comes the real question. How to select the skin care product that best suit your eyes?

Normal aging signs around the eye area (Volume loss) 

Age 20-25 Years old
Age 25-30 years old
Age 30-40 years old
Age 40-50 years old
Age 50 years old and above

                                                                                                         Anna Hoo