Korea Trip- COEX


This is the COEX, the place where the World Congress of Dermatology was held. The World Congress of Dermatology or better known as the WCD is held every 4 yearly. It forms a platform whereby doctors who dabbles with dermatology, be it dermatologist, plastic surgeons and aesthtetic doctors, congregate to exchange ideas and to learn new advances in the trade, in the hope to bring better care and better outcome in their daily practice. I was very lucky to be participating in a congress of such magnitude.

I attended the congress with much enthusiasm, likened to a sponge wanting to absorb as much as possible. Some countries are more technologically advanced than others while the not so technologically advanced countries made it up by being innovative in their ways of treatment.
In every way, there is always a learning experience awaiting us. Listening to a talk from a country which is less advanced than ours does not necessarily mean that we will gain nothing. Instead listen with an open mind and many a times, we may find it rewarding. We can do more with less resources. All in all there are many things to be learnt and I love the learning bits.
By Anna Hoo