The sudden ‘glow' on her face

I went back to my hometown in recently and stumble upon an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

I was having the usual gathering with my friends over a cuppa. It was one of those occasions where you catch up with your old friends and exchange greetings when you return home. Amongst all of my friends, Catherine was standing out most. She appeared different. There is an unusual glow on her face – a glow that I have not seen in her for years. She looked peaceful with happiness gleaming from her eyes. The smile that she wears amazes me and it was contagious too. It was a glow in the face that I seldom see in the buzzling city that I now live.

Has she undergone any treatment to enhance her face? No way, if there is any, I would have spotted it. New beauty product? Unlikely, as her glow was beyond what a beauty product can bring out. Then how would one explain this? It all happened with a misfortune that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Catherine’s husband, Jack is heavily career orientated. He works long hours and goes out socializing with friends or clients in the evenings after work. He would look at his smartphone more than he laid his eyes on Catherine. It does not take a genius to know that the couple spends very little time together and speaks even less when being together. 

Three weeks ago, her house was broken into. Jack was with his mates in his usual outing late into the night while Catherine was up in her bedroom, sleeping. The house was broken into and ransacked. Money, jewelries and valuables were taken. She was lucky that her son’s room, in which she was sleeping in with her 6 year old was not broken into. They were safe. When Jack came home that very night, Jack, on seeing the house was in total disarray, rushed upstairs as soon as he could. He was shouting out for Catherine and their 6 year old. They were safe and in fact, so deeply in slumber that they did not even realized that the house was broken into. The misfortunate have made Jack realized how important his family is to him. From that day onward, Jack was spending more time at home and would also plan out activities over the weekend with the family. They are spending more time together as a family.

The feeling of being love and to be in love again, was in fact the real reason behind the glow in her face. Love is indeed the best treatment one can get.

Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.

Anna Hoo