Being beautiful

One early morning, Lisa turned up at the clinic with her mother. “My mother is turning sixty years old in another six months. I intend to give her a makeover,” she told me with a beaming smile.

"Hi, nice to meet you. What can I do for you?” I asked Lisa’s mother. I really have no idea. Since Lisa is the one who brought me here, you might want to ask for her opinion instead “, she told me hesitantly. “But Mom, didn’t you complain to me that you notice the age spots/pigmentations on your face getting darker, your eye bags getting heavier/ deeper and the wrinkles/crows’ feet are getting more obvious nowadays? Lisa’s mother smiled.

The appearance of age spots, saggy cheeks/ naso labial fold, eye bags and crows’ feet are all the usual signs of ageing. From Lisa’s description of her mother’s ageing woos, I reckoned that she wanted the right treatment to restore her mother’s appearance.

Pigmentation problems can be eradicated with the use of proper laser treatment whereas wrinkles/ crows’ feet can be treated with BOTOX.

Lisa’s mother has no qualms about the treatments that I suggested. Hence I started her on a session of laser treatment right away.

“Is it painful?”, I asked while conducting the treatment carefully. “Just a tingle, there’s almost no pain at all”, she answered. “How do you feel now”, I asked with concern.

She then shared. “I’m fine. Actually, Lisa has been eager to bring me here for the treatment of my pigmentation, age spot. I was indecisive then, because I was afraid that it would be painful and would do more harm than good to my face, making me look unnatural and fake. I finally decided to tag along after Lisa told me that it is not painful at all after undergoing the treatment herself for several times. I really must give credits to my Lisa. She’s a good daughter and very obedient since young. Our family was not very well-to-do because her father passed away in accident. She had a tough childhood but despite all the hardship, she had grown up to be a very independent high achiever. This year she wants to give me an aesthetics makeover as a birthday gift, so here I am!”

“I am sure this gift is priceless and comes sincerely from your filial daughter. She understands very well, the hardship you have gone through to bring her up, placing her as your priority rather than your own appearance.  Now that she is capable to take care of you, appreciate and savour every sweet moment of it”, I told her.

 “Really?” Lisa’s mom said with a curvy smile of warmth and happiness.

Most parents if not all, devote their time providing and caring for their children. The selfless act of placing their children’s needs as the top priority often result in them compromising on their own health and needs. As grown-ups, it is time to reciprocate our parents’ unconditional love for us. Phone calls, occasional meals and family trips together are just some of the simple things that we can do to light up their day!

Dr Hoo, although my mother would not admit it, I know she is in fact just as vain as any other woman including me. Please help me and my mother to look prettier, healthier and greater together!”  she said with a twinkle in her eye.