Refining Your Life

What is Refining in Aesthetic Medicine?

In the not so distance past, refining how one’s look seemed like a major thing. We might just wanted to remove an explicit mole over the face which has been disturbing to the sight but does it mean one would need to go under the knife? The word “knife” does not sound nice. It sounded aggressive and painful. Moreover, it sounded expensive. It gave an impression that these surgeries were only affordable to celebrities and the rich and famous.  Hence, most people would shy away from doing that little something that will perhaps remove the imperfections that have been bothering us for years. 

But all these have changed. Technology has brought about non invasive ways to enhance how one’s look. By tuning laser beam according to its wavelength, we are able to direct the beam to hit the targeted pigment accurately, thereby removing it without surgeries.  Meanwhile, in 2003, FDA approved the use of Botolinum toxin A for use to ameliorate wrinkles. More injectables started to surface, amongst others are the fillers, which were used to fill void spaces in the body, in particularly, the face.  Slowly, people started to realise that fixing imperfections and gracing oneself is no longer a dream. These privileges which, in the past were only exclusive to the very few were now a commonplace, thanks to the non-invasive nature of the treatment and the technology that managed to bring down the costs.

All these changes were for the good. Like flying, it should be made available to everyone.
Refining means making fine touches onto the face that will improve how one’s look, and how one’s feel of him/herself. It lifts ego and boost self confidence. It‘s like wearing a power suit to work and your performance improves because you feel good about yourself. A touch of laser or minor injections refines one’s look without making major changes to your complexion. Nothing invasive and explicit. The recovery time is short and the down time is minimal. The changes are subtle and may continue over a period of time. Often it is so subtle that people realise there is something different about you but just could not pin point what it is. Could it be the new dress that you wearing or that you were recharged after the holidays? Or could it be you just fell in love? 

The beauty of refining in Aesthetic Medicine is that it is non permanent. As one ages, complexion and our body changes. In order to change with time, refining should also be tailored individually instead of being fixed and non adaptable. Moreover, being non permanent also means that the treatment administered do not stay in our body forever rendering the treatment a safe one.  Also, being non permanent you can make changes according to your liking. If the results of the refining do not suit your taste, not to worry, it will go away with time. 

As you do now aware, Refining in Aesthetic Medicine is safe, affordable and increasingly popular. People are generally not shy to share the treatment they have just had. Refining should not be seen as something vain but something to slow down aging and to make yourself feel beautiful. If being given a chance to slow down the process of aging, to enhance the beauty that you have already possessed and to make you feel good about yourself, I do not see why refining should not be a privilege to all.

Anna Hoo