Dr. Anna's Celebrity Lift

There has recently been a lot of hype about non-surgical face lifts. Compared to surgical face lifts, these ones are subtle and the effects remain for months after the initial treatment. This option has attracted many who prefer a more conservative approach towards achieving a face lift – without going under the knife. One such option is Anna’s Celebrity Lift, which involves injections that can be performed in a couple of hours in the clinic. 

What is Anna’s Celebrity lift?

It is a non-surgical lift combining botulinum toxin A and hyaluronic acid in one treatment. The injec- tion method is distinctive to myself and hence the name. It is performed based on Anna Hoo’s Asian Facial Beauty Principle.

What is Anna Hoo’s Asian Facial Beauty Principle?

The basic principle of facial enhancement is to en- hance the beautiful part of the face and harmonise the rest of the facial features to create a balanced, youthful and confident appearance After years of traveling and learning from world-renown aesthetic dermatologists and aes- thetic plastic surgeons, I noticed that the conven- tional ‘balanced’ facial features are based on the Caucasian face. A treatment plan that is based on a Caucasian face does not suit the Asian face and often gives unnatural results on Asian patients. I have, therefore, come up with my very own Facial Beauty Principle for treating patients. This can be individually tailored for face enhance- ment and sculpting Asian faces.

What does Anna’s Celebrity Lift entail?

Every face has areas which give the face charac- ter – a signature feature, if you like. They are the parts of the face that leave a crucial impression when you first meet someone. The challenge lies in identifying these facial parts and enhancing them without changing them with botolinum toxin A and hyaluronic acid. This is followed by harmonising the rest of the face to fit in with the signature parts of the face. By doing so, not only are we maintaining the main character of an individual face but also balancing out the rest of the face. The main areas most Asians need to target are the cheeks, nose, lips and chin – which can be seen as an imaginary "T" down the centre of the face. The horizontal line is drawn from the right cheek to the left cheek while the vertical line extends from the frown line down to the chin. These are the main areas of focus in Anna’s Celebrity Lift. Undoubtedly, everyone is unique and the target area will be different from one person to another.

What role do botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid play in this treatment?

Botulinum toxin A relaxes tensed facial muscles and reduces wrinkles. It is administered in optimal doses to create a relaxed rather than plastic look. Additionally, this medicine creates a lifting effect on the skin which lasts for months. Hyaluronic acid enhances the shape of the face giving it sharp and distinctive features. It also replenishes volume on the face that has been lost due to aging, returning to it a soft and plump contour. This facial curve or contour is tailored to each individual’s appearance based on Anna’s Beauty Principles so as to have harmony in all the features. The treatment proper also improves hydration and blood circulation to the face, giving it radiance and suppleness.

Who are the ideal candidates for Anna’s Celebrity Lift?

Anna’s Celebrity Lift is for everyone. Anyone who wants a fresh, confident and glowing face is welcome. The majority of my patients who want this treatment are around 25 to 45 years of age. Some of them have had plastic surgery in the past and are keen to maintain so that they enjoy longer-lasting results while some would like more definitive treatment of their facial features, which may be flat and unattractive. Having said that, I have to stress that the lift enhances but does not drastically alter the facial features of a person.

What can the patient expect of Anna’s Celebrity Lift?

A fresh, radiant look which translates to appearing three to five years younger in under two hours of treatment. The best thing about the treatment is that the improvement continues for months after the treatment. There is a low risk of transient, minimal bruis- ing and swelling immediately after the treatment but that’s all. In our Asian community, a person with a pleasant complexion is at a distinct advantage in terms of social life and life at work. One need not be extraordinarily good looking. But having well- looked after and harmonious facial features is highly beneficial. Anna’s Celebrity Lift is aimed at assisting patients to achieve harmonious facial fea- tures so that a celebrity-like confidence is attained. The improved confidence will undoubtedly have an impact on quality of life.

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