Eye skin care 3

Now, you have cleaned your entire face.
It’s time to apply the eye serum/gel.
Aim: Prevention/Repairing

1.      Preferably in serum form for better absorption.
2.      Choose a product which is oil free to prevent clogged glands around the eyes that can lead to styes, milia, oil seeds and other ocular problems.
3.      Avoid products packaged that will require “dipping” fingers into a jar to prevent contamination.
4.      Be familiar with the common active ingredient in the eye serum/gel.
Common active ingredients are :

Vit C, Retinol, Vit E, Resveratrol

Wrinkle reduction:
Retinol Palmitate, Vit C, Ferrulic acid, Acetyl hexapeptide-3

Pigment reduction:
Vit K derivative

Puffiness reduction:
Caffeine, Bisobolol, Lecithin, Cucumber extract

The Key is: You need to know which eye problem that you suffering now to allow you to select the right eye care.

                                                                                                          Anna Hoo