Important tips on dermal filler selection: Reversible if problematic

There is no one in this world who can promise you that the injection material and the injection technique will be the perfect one every time you undergo any procedure. You would like to know that when somethings goes wrong, your doctor would be happy to assist you with the correction without having to go through the knife.

  Permanent lip filler

Patient : Doc, i don’t like my lips, it’s getting bigger over time.
Doctor : Oh dear, you are the one in a million to have this reaction. I will schedule you for a lips filler removal operation. The cost is USD 20000, a discounted price.
Patient  : Why is the correction so much more expensive then the filler, you charged me USD 2000 2 years back?
Doctor  : ... ...

Many people fall trap into being prey of permanent / semi permanent filler. The injector may sell you the idea that permanent filler lasts longer and hence you do not need to undergo repeated injections. The fact is, human ages with time. No matter how permanent a filler is, volume loss is ongoing and there will be constant need for further volume replacement. Even after permanent filler injection, one would still require future volume touch up from time to time. So with and without permanent filler injections, one would still require the top up treatment. The apparent saving is not there.  

But what you were not told was the fact that once the permanent filler is injected into your body, your body will not have any mechanism to dissolve it. The permanent filler ended up staying in the body for the rest of one’s life. To remove it, one will have to seek the help of a plastic surgeon to remove it surgically. The process of filler removal is a tedious job and even in the best hands, the fillers may not be completely removed in toto. 

The other risk is, permanent filler is being recognized as foreign body and in some patients, it attracts inflammation. Chronic inflammation forms granulation tissues or scar tissue which increases the actual “volume” of the fillers over time. One may find the areas treated with permanent filler growing over time and the 
treated area may disfigure.  To rectify this problem, surgery, will be required. 

 to be continue....

Anna Hoo