Important Tips on Dermafiller Selection

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Filler is a substance that is introduced by means of injection into the face to corect signs of aging. There are many ways to classify fillers. Time and again, I have emphasized the benefit of non permenanr filler over its permenant counterpart. I would like to introduce a new classification ie volumetric filler vs stimulatory filler.

Almost all registered fillers in the Malaysian market will have volumetric filling effect. Which means that immediately after the injection, our body will react towards the filler and create a volume effect to the targeted area, giving the treatment area a fuller contour, more supple skin. The more void to fill, the more volume is required.

Some of the commonest fillers are HyaluronicAcid Filler and Calcium Hydroxyapatite

On the other hand, new discovery allows us to manipulate the fillers in such a way that they create a stimulative effect. Which means the filler encourages generation of new collagen while improves blood supply to the skin, giving the skin a its glow. Unlike volumetric filler, the effect is not immediate. What more is that the treatment has to be done in a series of injections. This is because different people react differently to the treatment. The same treatment may cause overstimulation in one but under stimulation in another. That's why this treatment needs to be meticulously tailored to individual skin response in order to get the optimal results. After the treatment, patients do experience improvement in the skin texture and there is a gradual lifting effect, improving the sagging of the skin.

Most stimulatory fillers are semi permanent/permanent filler.

The commonest filler in this group being Poly-L-Lactic Acid.

As an advocate of biodegradable filler, I tended to do things differently. Imagine getting yourself injected with something that stay forever and getting it done under multiple sessions. I would still stick to non permanent/biodegradable filler. The longevity is reasonable, lasting 9 months to a year. More importantly, it is safe and degradable. Patient still enjoys good looks and has the ability to adjust his/her facial contour according to his/her age.In contrast if permanent filler is being injected into the face, we will have difficulty in adjusting the treated face end up having to go for surgical removal of the permanent fillers.

Small tips on filler injection. 
Do ask for reputable doctor to do the injection. And do keep a record of the filler injected to your face. It’s consider as a part of your medical record and you have to know it.

As the closing of the chapter in Dermafiller sellection. Many have fallen trap thinking and I do not want you to be part of it.


by Anna Hoo