Can we treat mood with aesthetics?

I attended an interesting talk recently, it was delivered by a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Steven H. Dayan from Chicago.  Dr Dayan shared his experience and research on whether we can uncouple the cerebral circuits that process negative emotions and treat mood aesthetically.

Botulinum toxin can improve an individual’s self-esteem and quality of life by improving physical appearance, could it have extra benefit in playing a role as an “antidepressant”?

My immediate response to this question was “Wow, why I have never thought of it?  If it really does, BOTOX will not only enhance outlook, it will also elevate mood and make patient truly happy inside out.”

Women who wear makeup reported that they feel 65% more attractive and feel 47% more confident. Why it is so? When we look good, we will feel good and we will like the way we look in a mirror or selfie.  Botulinum toxin will help to minimize the signs of aging, wrinkles around forehead, crow’s feet and glabella. When we look in a mirror every morning and notice we getting younger, looking better, definitely we will start our day with a happy mood and positive energy.

Frowning will emit negative energy; give impression of angriness, sadness and disappointment. We know that emotion can be contagious, we mimic the expression and then our own body kinaesthesia and sensation forges the emotion. When we mix with people with happy mood, we will mimic their smiles and other positive facial expression subconsciously, which will make us happy as well.

In conclusion, by reducing frowning and smile more often, this type of facial expression will  response  in a way that influences mood favorably. It would not only make the person receive botulinum toxin injection feel happy, the positive mood will be transmitted to his or her family members and colleagues. Eventually he or she will have harmony and happy life in work and family.

Positive expressions can improve quality of life. Interactions with women with positive expressions were predicted to be more rewarding. What is our mission in Anna Hoo Clinic? It is so much deeper and more meaningful than just making people beautiful.