Birthmarks Reduction

Birthmarks are often referred to irregularity of the skin. These are actually misnomer as some actually appears after birth. These irregularities may form from abnormal pigments or blood vessels and they stand out from the surrounding skin, causing emotional unease. For ease of description, we shall refer them collectively as “birthmarks”.

There are several types of birthmarks that respond very well to laser treatment. Café-au-lait macules, which are brown birthmarks of varying size appearing over the body; Nevus of Ota, are dark coloured birthmark that normally appears around the eye on one side of the face while Portwine stains are flat vascular birthmarks that appears dark reddish. When they appear on the body, they may not be as disturbing but to the unfortunate few who are plagued by these condition on the face, they may feel inferior to others.
Laser emits light in nanoseconds, targeting specific layer of the skin. When the laser light hits the birthmark, the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment cells in the birthmark and destroys them. Depending on the kind of birthmark and severity of the lesion, several sessions of treatment is usually required for total resolution. The treatments are usually performed once every 1 to 3 months. Café-au-lait macules usually require five or more treatments, while Nevus of Ota can require more than 10 sessions.
While we aim for complete clearance, often, a significant lightening of the birthmark to about 70-90% is achieved. The lightened birthmark is easily concealed with a light foundation or sunscreen. Almost all of our patients are satisfied with such level of treatment results.