Non-Invasive Nose Job ?

Is there such as thing as a non-invasive nose job? Well, currently, there is. Do let us share with you what modern medical aesthetic can do for your nose?

Nose lift – For many Asians who has a flattish nose, this may be the solution for you. Medical aesthetic procedure is able to add height to the nose by using injectables. Doctors can add volume to the nose to increase its height and give it a more 3-dimensional (3D) appearance.

Shape correction – Some people do have a bump at the bridge of the nose or a beaking tip of the nose. This can be corrected via injections to improve the contour of the nose to give it a smoother outline.

 Decrease flaring of the nose – Flaring of the nose is commonly seen in people who are of Asian or African descent. Flaring of the nose causes the nose to appear big. Occasionally, the contour of the nose is inverted such that the nasal aperture is exposed when you look forward. These can be corrected as an outpatient basis using injectables.

Having said that the nose is heavily vascularized. As such, nose injection should be performed by highly trained individuals.