Diapers are for babies- let’s keep it that way!

When you hear the word ‘diaper’, the first thought that crosses your mind is most likely babies. Babies need diapers just as much as they need milk, that’s just how it is meant to be. But did you know that there is a condition called Urinary Incontinence that causes adults to depend on diapers to avoid the discomfort and embarrassment felt when bladder leakage happens in regular clothing while carrying out daily activities?

What exactly is urinary incontinence? It is also known as urinary leakage, urine loss or hyperactive bladder, and it is defined as the involuntary loss of urine affecting mainly the female population. It does not just affect half the population of menopausal women, but up to 30-40% of post partum women who are still in the prime of their age! Urinary incontinence happens when the pelvic floor muscles which support the pelvic organs weaken and do not provide sufficient support for pelvic organs and continence control due to body aging, childbirth or hormonal changes.

There are 3 types of urinary incontinence:

1) Stress urinary incontinence – this occurs during increased intra-abdominal pressure to the bladder. Imagine wetting yourself when coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting. This can be a great source of anxiety in social settings for many women!

2) Urge urinary incontinence – the intense desire to urinate, typically a symptom of an underlying disease like diabetes

3) Mixed urinary incontinence- a combination of stress & urge UI.

Many women are reluctant to discuss this with their doctors or even other people around them because of embarrassment or even fear associated with treatment options – it is, after all, involving their most intimate body parts. Some might not even know there is a solution to their worries, and assume that it is something inevitable that comes with age or childbirth.

Are men spared from incontinence? No. In male patients with prostate cancer requiring surgical removal of the prostate, up to 60% complain of incontinence, which is a common side effect of the procedure.

Fret not – with the advancement of science and technology – there is a solution to this problem! 

You can remain fully clothed and all you have to do is sit and relax on a life changing chair for less than half an hour, or only 28 minutes to be precise. The BTL Emsella is an FDA-approved breakthrough treatment for urinary incontinence using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to effectively stimulate pelvic floor muscles, leading to regained control over the pelvic floor muscles and bladder. You are recommended to complete 6 sessions, twice a week for best results. You may observe improvement after a single session, but results will typically improve over the next few weeks.The best part of all? Besides addressing your urinary incontinence issues, up to 85% of patients actually report an improvement in overall intimate sexual satisfaction with their partners.

What are you waiting for? Don’t be shy to talk to us about this, because urinary incontinence is more common than you think it is. Contact us at Anna Hoo Clinic to know more about our amazing offer price on this life changing treatment now!

Dr. Arzhealza R.
Anna Hoo Clinic