Treatment of Freckles: How do we do it

How do we do it.

1.       Consultation to confirm the diagnosis.

2.       Discussion with the patient regarding possible Laser reaction, and post laser treatment care at home.

3.       Patient to allocate time for treatment.

4.       Actual treatment day : Clean the face.

5.       Apply Numbing cream on the treatment area.

6.       Clean the face, get ready for laser.

7.       KTP laser on the target area.

8.       Post laser cooling.

9.       Apply Post-laser cream and sunscreen. 

10.   Follow up in 2 weeks time.

 Above pictures show the recovery of treatment on the hand - it takes about 14 days. Lesion on the face, takes about 7 days

Advice post laser:
  • Prevention is the key
  • Apply broad spectrum sunscreen when out in the sun.
  • Wearing a wide- brimmed hat.
  • Try to say indoors from 10.00am to 4.00pm when the sun UV rays are strongest.
  • After a tanning session, try to rehydrate the skin as soon as possible by applying facial mask, and drink plenty of water (2L and above). 

Anna Hoo