Characteristic of ideal Dermal Filler

There are many types of dermal filler in the aesthetic market. What are the characteristics of a dermal filler if we want to have a treatment of dermal filler?
  • Safety
    • Nonallergenic, noncarcinogenic,nonteratogenic
    • Biocompatible
    • Non-migratory, non clumping
    • Minimal inflammation
    • minimal Pain
    • Reversible
  • Effectiveness
    • Flexible use
    • Reproducible technique and result
    • Longer duration of effect
    • Stable result
    • Product undetectable following administration
  • Convenience
    • Readily available
    • easy to store
    • easy to prepare
    • Affordable

We prefer Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Filler as our filler of choice for treatment use.
The reasons we prefer HA are:
  • Bio compatible: HA is naturally occurring polysaccharides found in extracellular matrix. Its chemical structure is uniform thoughout nature.
  • Non-allergenic: no need skin testing prior to treatment
  • Reversible: Hyaluronidase is available to break down and hydrolyze HA
  • Minimal Pain: Most of the HA filler product are added pain killer solution
  • Result/Outcome: Stable, reproducible, reversible, biodegradable, longer duration of effect (Proven clinical study: specific product can stay up to 24 months)
  • Convenience to doctor: easy to store, easy to prepare, easy to inject
If you want to do filler, there are a few reminders:
  • Safety always come first
    • Health is always the priority, do not ruin your life just because want to be more beauty
  • Choose safe/ Good products
    • Registered products
    • Products with evidence of research and study proven safety and efficacy 
  • Choose Safe/ Good Injector
    • experienced Injector, trained medical personel
  • Choose safe/ Good Environment
    • Get your treatment done in clinic, not hotel, or other places, this can reduce the risk of getting infection, and if incident happen, clinic will have facilities and equipment to manage complications, this can save your life
There are many brands of HA filler available in Malaysia, these are registered brands:
  • Juvederm Filler range from Allergan
  • Restylane Filler range from Galderma
  • Teosyal Filler range from Parvus
  • Belotero Filler range from Merz
Photo courtesy of Restylane: Before and After

Please take notes if you interested in filler treatment. Wish you good luck and have a good result.

By Dr William Hoo