Common skin pigmentation problems faced by Asian women

Everyone dreams of having flawless and even-toned skin. Often, spots which appears on our skin prevents us for having such. Here are the 3 commonest pigmentation faced by Asian women, particularly Malaysian.

Melasma – they are brown or grayish brown patch found on the face. Being influenced by female hormones, they tend to appear more in females and male. People with darker skin tone are more prone to melasma because they have more melanin producing cells which are responsible for the lesion.

Freckles – tan or light brown lesions which are flat and small. They may overlap and run together, resulting in a larger appearance.

Lentigines – also known as age-spots, they are sharply defined, round and in brown or black patches. They are flat and tend to occur in sun-exposed area.

Being common, these skin conditions are harmless. Nevertheless, they affect our self-esteem and social well being. The good news is, they can be treated. The treatment involves applying lasers to the involved skin which typically takes less than an hour.