Moisturizer - How to choose one that best suits me?

We all know moisturizer is a must in your skin care routine. However, with the myriad of moisturizers on the shelves, how do you choose one which suits you best?

Moisturizers can be divided into ointment, cream and lotion. Ointment, which contains oil, has the greatest ability to lock in moisture. But it may be too oily for some. Cream comes in second in its ability to capture moisture while lotion, which is the thinnest comes last. If you have dry skin, you may want to use ointment-based moisturizers while if you have oily face, you may want to stick to lotion. What if you have dry skin and yet you loathe the feeling of oil on your skin, you may consider using cream or lotion but do apply them more frequently as they tend to dry up pretty fast, leaving no moisture in your skin. Many a times, we use a mixture of them in our daily living and do let me explain how.

Your moisturizer regime is actually dictated by your lifestyle and skin type. If you, like the most of us, work in an air-conditioned office while sleep in a well-ventilated bedroom, you may consider using ointment as your morning moisturizer and a lotion at night. This is because air-conditioning tends to dry your skin pretty fast while a well ventilated room may have our friendly high moisture in the atmosphere. If you apply thick makeup, you may want to use a cream moisturizer to make sure that your skin can breathe through the layers of moisturizer and makeup. If you do tend to suffer from oily skin towards the evening, you may want to consider using cream or lotion rather than ointment in the morning.

I hope this helps you to choose what suits you best. Good luck!!