Aesthetic Procedures : Which Matter the Most ? Price or Safety ?

Have you ever wonder why a particular treatment is priced differently at different places? Take filler injection for example, you may get filler injection at clinic A for RM1000 while at another clinic, the treatment is RM1500. The same treatment using the same product but with difference in price. What is wrong here?

Many patients treat these procedures like buying groceries in a supermarket. I pay for the product. When I buy instant noodles, the noodles that I get is the same no matter where I buy it, be it a posh supermarket or the nearby convenient store. Similarly, I am going for a filler injection using product X and it does not matter where I receive the treatment, I still get product X.

Obviously such a thought is too simplistic.

When you go for a medical procedure, we have to take into consideration whether the doctor administering the treatment is well trained and certified, the experience of the doctor, the complication rate, the measures taken to reduce infection, processes put in place to reduce medical errors, the after care and many more. There is a lot of background work that makes the procedure safe and successful. The added value that one gets from these is not measurable, especially the ones relating to patient safety. In fact one should ask as why the procedure is performed at such low price at clinic A.

Your safety is of utmost importance. Do not compromise safety over price.