Lighten Those Dark Circles

There are multiple causes for dark circles (medically called periorbital hyperchromia), according to medical research.

Genes They can be genetic, affecting any skin color and type, but Asian race and southern Italians are particularly prone to them.

Hyperpigmentation The browner type of dark circles, rather than the bluish-hued type, could be the results of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to sun damage or hormonal fluctuations.

Older, thinner skin As we age, we become more prone to permanent dark circles - simply because, as skin thins, the blood vessels in the under-eye zone show up more. Airborne allergens cause blood to pool in the vessels under the skin, worsening the appearance of any dilated blood vessels.

Nasal congestion Famously, they are linked with lack of sleep. When your nose is bunged up, veins that usually drain from your eyes into your nose become dilated and darker. Equally something in your beauty regime could be the culprit like a new mascara or eye cream, which may also cause puffiness.

Stress When your body is in fight or flight mode, your brain, like every other organ, leeches every single molecule of oxygen it can from the blood, so a darker, more deoxygenated blood flows through your veins. This dark blood is most visible in the transparent skin under our eyes, and is what causes the appearance of these discoloured veins. (The skin under the eyes is the thinnest on the body)

Drugs Some drugs, including the contraceptive pill, can darken the eye area by dilating blood vessels.

Smoking Women who smoke - which affects micro-circulation long before it leads to heart and lung problems - can be prone to dark circles too.

Source : The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible