MCO weight gain?

The COVID-19 pandemic which surely does not need any introduction has brought the whole world to its knees. Our country, like many other nations around the world has implemented and is still practising strict measures to help keep this disease from spreading further.  The battle cry heard all over the world was “Stay home , flatten the curve!” While our country has been largely successful in flattening our pandemic curve.. how many of us have started noticing an exponential growth of the curve on our bellies?

Being confined to our homes and having extra time in our hands has turned many of us into amateur chefs, which isn’t a bad thing.. every now and then a new recipe goes viral on social media and everyone rushes to replicate the recipe.  In March, Korean Dalgona coffee was all the rage and people all over the world were posting pictures of their own creations on their social media pages. Then in April, Basque Burnt Cheesecake became the quarantine dessert of choice. Cream cheese were flying off the shelves in many supermarkets as everyone realised how easy it was to bake their own dessert at home. Perhaps less popular in our side of the world, is the pancake cereal trend. But what all these viral food trends have in common.. is how sugar laden they are! It is perfectly fine to have a decadent treat once in a while but it is important to keep track of your food intake to prevent yourself from gaining unwanted excess weight. Don’t use your gym closure as a reason for you not to maintain your workout routine. In fact, one does not need a gym membership to be fit and healthy. YouTube workouts which can be done in your own room without even changing into workout clothes are just as effective as gym classes. It is recommended to a combination of moderate intensity cardio workouts and body weight workouts at home, for a total of 150 minutes per week. This can be easily spread out to 5 half-an-hour workout sessions per week. 

Some of you might notice that your clothes feel snugger than usual eventhough there are no changes to the reading on the scale. Don’t be complacent, this could mean that your body composition has changed.. in other words you might have lost lean muscles and gained fat due to a lack of physical activity at home, coupled with mindless snacking or overeating. The only proven way to increase your lean muscle mass and reduce your fat mass is by eating healthily and exercising regularly. A great way to keep track of your body composition is by doing a special test called the InBody test which is available at Anna Hoo Clinic. Our clinic utilises the latest model of the InBody machine from South Korea which is able to give you a highly accurate measurement of various parameters in the body including your total body water, protein, minerals and body fat mass. Besides that, we are also able to know how strong our muscles are in relation to our weight, and what aspects we need to improve in order to achieve an optimal physique.  Many people who are seemingly of a healthy weight for their height, turn to have an unexpectedly high amount of dangerous visceral fat, which is the fat surrounding the abdominal organs. The higher the amount of this fat in the body, the higher the risk is for us to develop chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, among others. Do contact us to set an appointment to get an in-depth understanding of your body composition with our InBody test today!

By Dr.Arzhealza (Anna Hoo Clinic)