Preserve your HEALTH and BEAUTY regime!

At the time of writing, the Covid-19 is spreading across continents and infecting thousands of people around the world.

Many are staying home and limiting travel to reduce the risk of infection.

We explore some of the beauty tips that you may keep your health and beauty regime in check.

  • Try doing exercise at home rather than going to the gym. There are some simple exercises that you could do at home, such as lifting free weights at home, yoga, or doing Zumba along with the exercise videos on Youtube. Maintaining a healthy body improves your immune system against viral infection.
  • Take plenty of fluid, liquid diet, and drink plenty of water.
  • Stop eating canned food, junk food, and street food. Prepare your food. It allows you to eat healthier. Now you will have more control over what you eat at home, which means no MSG, no preservatives, and healthier options. Eat more vegetables and fruits as they are easier to prepare, and they kick a punch of vitamins, that will give you the immunity you need to weather this pandemic.
  • Going out less also means that you apply less makeup, and you are exposed to less UV rays. This indirectly translates to less aging spots and less wrinkle formation.
  • Take proper rest; get enough sleep!
  • DIY beauty regime like applying facemask, giving yourself an excellent facial treatment at home allows you to keep up with your beauty regime and keep your skin well hydrated and fresh.

Stay positive; keep safe!