A visit to Teoxane Laboratories in Geneva

A visit to Teoxane Laboratories in Geneva
29 Jan 2013

I sometimes wonder how safe and hygieneic are the products that I inject into my patients. Are they as hygienic as claimed? Wouldn't it be great if we can pay a visit to the very factory that manufactures the hyaluronic acid filler that I often use? Well, I was given the privilege to do so recently. Indeed it was an eye opener.

 The Teoxane Laboratories in Geneva is the sole manufacturing plant to supply Teosyal Hyaluronic acid filler to the world. We were greeted by the management staff upon arrival and given an overview of the company profile. After which, we were gowned up and brought around to look at the production of the hyaluronic acid filler. I was particularly impressed that all the different range of products are being produced using the specific individual protocol, with the specific ingredients and monitor by a specific group of scientists. Also, I was amazed by the strict attention the factory pays to the quality of the product, not to mention its hygiene and sterility. Each product even has its indivual code number so that if anything goes wrong, the product can be traced.

 After the visit, I was convincingly assured that the hyaluronic acid filler that I have selected are of the high quality and have safety profile that is beyond doubt.

This is the production video clip.
Link: http://www.teoxane.com/teoxane-laboratories#/core/page.php?id=453

By Anna Hoo