The 8 Point Lift

The 8 Point approach was pioneered by Dr Mauricio de Maio and is a revolutionary new approach to achieving a non-surgical face lift.

As we age we lose volume from our face. This initial sign of ageing can be seen in 8 distinct areas. The 8 point approach can help to identify these areas and enhance the natural beauty of our features where this soft tissue under the skin has been lost. Replacing volume lost from these 8 key points can rejuvenate and refresh the look

The 8 points
 1,2. Cheek structure Over time, we start to lose this youthful volume and definition in the cheeks.
 3. Tear troughs As we age, volume loss in this area can create a hollow depression, giving us a tired appearance.
 4. Nasolabial folds - the lines that run from the corner of our nose to our mouth gradually deepen as the soft tissue volume in our face decreases.
5. Mouth frown A mouth frown is where the corners of our lips begin to turn down. With time, these become more pronounced.
 6. Pre-jowl area Jowls slowly appear when soft tissue volume moves down the face, giving the face a heavy look.
 7. Jawline In our youth, the jawline is a smooth line extending from our jaw to our chin. As we age our jawline loses definition.
 8. Cheek volume Over time, volume loss in the mid section of the face can make our cheeks look hollow.

Result is immediately seen.
Facial contours will be improved and facial volume subtly enhanced.
A little redness may be experienced for a brief period following the treatment and bruising is possible.
Result will last up to 24 months depend on type of the filler use.

Aiming for NATURAL, REFRESHING LOOK, for a better you. 

If you would like more information, please see your doctor for further explanation.

by William Hoo