Anti-Aging into your 30s

30s is the prime of our lives. We are well on our way along the life paths we have chosen – career, family, a new house and etc. We are enjoying good health and great happiness. Everything seems perfect, but wait, the wrinkles are starting to form. So are the gray hairs and the love handles! Fret not. There are things you can do to slow them down.

Eat healthy – when the money in the wallet grows, the diet goes. 30s is a time when people indulge in food, drinks and the finer things in life. Before you know it, your weight starts to pile up and chronic diseases such as hypertension and high cholesterol start to creep in. Do take heed to eat healthy. Take more protein, vegetable and fruits for the fuel in your body. Drink more water to get yourself and your skin well hydrated.

Exercise – 30s is also a time when you focus more on work and family and started to have less “me” time. There is less time to do any exercise and hence the tone and lean body that you once have long gone. Take time to exercise! Bring back the lean and healthier you with aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week.

Managing stress – As you advance in your career, more stress will start piling up. Symptoms of gastritis such as frequent passing of wind, stomach upsets; having difficulty sleeping or frequent waking up at nights; mood swings or eruptions of skin problems may well be some of the manifestation of high stress levels. Take heed of these symptoms before they culminate to something more serious! Take breaks and find a hobby to distress yourself. Pamper yourself  occasionally with a nice massage or a spa treatment that will whisk away the stress that haunts you.

Besides the three mentioned above, please do not forget the anti-aging regimes in your 20s. If you have been practising them, keep up the good work! If not perhaps it is high time to start them!