How to choose the right aesthetic doctor for you?

You have made up your mind. You wanted to get an aesthetic procedure done. The question is, how do you choose your aesthetic doctor? We may have a few pointers to help you with choosing your doctor!

  1. Make sure that the person providing the treatment is a qualified doctor. All doctors are required by the law to display their annual practicing certificate (practicing license). Make sure that these are legitimate doctors as aesthetic medicine can only be prescribed by medical doctors.
  2. Make sure that you check for an LCP (License of Credentialing and Privileges). This is a certificate, which is awarded to doctors who have undergone the stimulated training to provide these procedures in Malaysia.
  3. Do make sure that you have understood all the risks and potential complications before agreeing to an aesthetic procedure.
  4. Do ensure that the materials injected into your body are substance which is safe and non permanent.
  5. Do spend time thinking it over before you undergo a procedure. There is no aesthetic procedure, which is emergency in nature. You don’t have to be pushed into agreeing to a procedure by the doctor.


  1. Don’t fall for a doctor who over-promises. Your doctors should tell you both the good and bad news before a procedure.
  2. Don’t be pressured into signing up for a treatment. Please abstain from the trap of “this promotion is only valid for today” promotion. As with any other medical treatment, a patient should be given adequate time to think it through before agreeing to the procedure.
  3. Don’t fall for offers which promise ridiculous discounts but conducted in a suspicious manner e.g. cheap aesthetic procedure performed in a hotel room or cheaper injectable alternative bought over the internet. If it is too good to be true, it may well be! Your life and safety is worth much more the savings.

Aesthetic treatment should not be performed by a doctor who offers you the cheapest price but the doctor whom you feel comfortable and safe. Have a safe treatment!