Aging Gracefully

No one can defy the effect of aging onto our appearance. Nobody likes what aging does to our appearance but we certainly can make aging a graceful process. Here are some of the tips to do so :

Prevention is better than cure - Preventing wrinkles and open pores formation are better than treating them once they are formed. Keeping the skin well hydrated, religious use of sunscreen and taking lots of fruits and vegetable are great ways to keep aging signs at bay. Once aging has set in, prevent it from getting worse !

De-stress - Constant stressful condition encourages frequent frowning, poor quality of sleep and indulgence in too much coffee or cigarette. These will accelerate aging. Thus, engaging in healthy way of de-stressing yourself e.g. sports, short getaways, meditation and etc. are important in today's hectic life.

Maintain a positive outlook - Studies have shown that people who are positive appear younger than their peers who are negative. Life is too short to sweat over small stuff. Live life rather than worry about it !

Treat yourself well - It is important that you feel good about yourself and celebrate your achievements rather than pondering about your failures. Treat yourself well. Pamper yourself with a facial or spa treatment. Go for a holiday getaway. Put on your favorite dress as well as some makeup to allow yourself to shine !