Facial traits in men that makes lasting impression

Growing number of men are seeking aesthetic treatment. However, most doctors in the aesthetic field treats women more than men. The men ended up appearing more feminine after the treatment. These are some of the features men should retain or enhance in an aesthetic treatment:

Maturity – take George Clooney for example. He exudes a sense of maturity and wisdom with his mature look. Hence men should retain some amount of wrinkles and grey hair to exude the sense of maturity.

 Strong jawline – even as you watch cartoon, hero characters tends to be drawn with strong jawlines. A strong jawline demonstrate good health, strength and masculine.

Prominent chin – A prominent chin bodes well with a strong jawline. Both give a distinctive impression of being strong, decisive and masculine. Many Asian men have smaller chins, which fortunately can be enhanced using modern medical technologies.

Radiant skin – A radiant skin exudes confidence and gives an impression that he looks after himself well. A person with greater self-control has a higher chance of controlling his destiny better and gets things done.