Stress : Ways to manage it effectively

The level of stress endured by us often shows up on our face. Living in constant stress leads to poorer quality of sleep, poorer quality of our skin tone and formation of wrinkles. However, we cannot run away from stress. We just need to learn how to deal with it. These are my five tips on how to deal with stress:

Be realistic – Often times, we want to do everything under the sun. We want to excel in our work, our relationship, our family while needing to find time for ourselves, our hobbies, friends, society and the environment. It is not possible to do everything. Just be realistic and prioritise. What is most important now? Concentrate on one thing at a time.

Learn to say no – Being Asian, we try to please people around us. We will say yes to everything thrown onto us. Learn how to say no! If we cannot handle it, just decline it. Declining is not a sign of failure. Rather, it is a sign that we can prioritise and stay focus.

Have some “me time” – People use their “me time” to get away from their stressful life. Meditate, exercise or even going out with your friends. It takes you away from the very thing that stresses you.

Allocate time to rest – Rest is something that we don’t get enough of. We don’t sleep early enough as we have not finished out work. Even when we sleep early, our quality of sleep is poor. We have difficulty falling asleep or we wake up too early. Learning to take afternoon naps is important especially your sleep at night is poor.

Holidays – Try having holidays for a couple of days where the phones are switched off; mails are not checked and there is no one else except your friends and loved ones. You will find that you will feel more relaxed and can sleep better. The holiday need not be a getaway to a faraway place. It can be somewhere local, as long as private time is observed.