Do you have bra bulge or under arm fat pad?

Underarm fat pad, or axillary fat pad is the fat that bulges out of the sides of the bra at the underarms. It is unsightly when you wear singlet or swimwear but importantly, it is very difficult to remove it. There are two main ways to remove it though.

Exercise and diet – this is the traditional way and by far, the best way to remove underarm fat. Exercise which targets the muscles over the chest, namely the pectoralis major and minor, as well as the shoulder muscles, namely the deltoid. Exercise over these muscles burns fat while healthy diet prevents re-accumulation of fat over those areas.

Fat lipolysis – Modern technologies have devised machines that burn away or destroy the fat around specific targeted area. The targeted area is spot on and there is no side effect onto the nerves and blood vessels under the arm. The laser therapy is fast and non invasive, and is overwhelmingly the preferred choice in the current era.

Surgery – Surgery is an effective but invasive way of fat removal. It cuts open the overlying skin and removes the fat pad while meticulously avoiding the vital structures over the area. In view of bilateral nature of the fat pad, more than one cut is required to achieve the desired effect.

The best way to deal with underarm fat pad is still avoiding it. Do practice a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly to prevent it from forming a large bulge. If you need any help, do consult us or call us at : 603 77267626