Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Many of us suffer from dark circles under our eyes. Some people, unfortunately, do get it more easily than others. Here is a simple explanation as why it forms.

The skin under our eyes is thin. There is not much fat around the area. If there is further reduction of the fat tissue or enlargement of the vessels underneath the skin, or deposition of pigments, there will be dark circle under eyes.  Factors that encourages thinning of the fat tissue or dilatation of the underlying blood vessels are:

Ageing – Aging causes a regression of the supportive tissues under the skin.

Hereditary – Some people tends to develop regression of the tissue around that area easier than others. This is especially so in people who have deeper skin colour.

Eye strain – Constant straining of the eyes eg. peering into computer screen over a long period, drivers who frequently drive under the glaring sun, reading in the dark; causes strain to the eyes. This results in engorgement of the underlying blood vessels.

Frequent rubbing – The habit of rubbing the eyes thins the supporting tissue. In the meantime, people who tend to rub their eyes are those who are sleepy or with strained eyes, the strained eyes encourage engorgement of these vessels.

Pigment deposition – When exposed to the sun, the skin will stimulate production of the pigments. As these pigments are not eliminated fast enough, they accumulate and cause darkening of the skin over the area.

There you have it, some of the causes of dark circles under the eyes. How many of the risk factors do you have?