Treatment for Dark Eye Circles

This is a follow up post of an earlier article that discussed on the causes of dark circle under the eyes.  Treatment of dark circle under the eyes is related to its cause. These are some of the ways we can treat these dark circles under the eyes.

Appropriate eye care – The eyes deserve the type of care you would give to the skin over other parts of the body. It needs to be well hydrated and protected against UV rays. Do apply adequate moisturiser and sunblock to the undereye area. This slows down the regression of the underlying supportive tissues while preventing formation of skin pigment after sun exposure.

Healthy eye habits – Healthy eye habits are crucial to prevent dark circles. Avoid over straining of the eye but wearing sunglasses under the glaring sun, rest for 5 minutes every 20 minutes of peering into the computer screen, avoid reading in the dark are some of the ways to avoid engorgement of the blood vessels. Also do avoid rubbing the eyes.

Adequate sleep – It is not entirely false if your mother said the dark circles form because we don’t get enough sleep. Having enough sleep prevent straining of the eyes when you look at glaring object (like your phone). Also we tend not to rub our eyes as much if we have enough sleep.

Medical treatment – For those people who already developed these dark circles, all hope is not lost. One can seek treatment from an aesthetic doctor where lasers can help to decongest these blood vessels or injectables can be injected to rejuvenate and replenish the supportive tissues. For further information, do contact us at 603 77267626.