Invasive and Non-Invasive in the aesthetic world

The term “invasive” is frequently thrown by doctors during consults. To the less medically inclined, we would like to give a brief explanation as what non-invasive or minimally invasive means in the world of aesthetic medicine. Invasive procedure denotes a procedure which is intrusive to the body. E.g. surgical facelift is an invasive procedure as it involves cutting and removing tissues. Healing generally takes a longer time and the patient will be left with a scar.

Non-invasive procedures are such as giving fine injections to create a face lifting effect. No doubt that is some intrusion of the body but this is done in a less drastic way. These procedures take a short time to heal as it is less intrusive and there is no scar to be seen. As the procedure is less invasive, the risk of infection is lower. However, being less invasive, the results may not be as drastic as you would see in a surgical facelift.

Both kinds of procedures have their pros and cons. Do speak to your doctor to find out your expected results and the intrusiveness of the procedure you would like to have before deciding what is best for you.