What is UV Light doing to your skin ?

Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) lights. These lights are responsible for wrinkles, pigmentations, sunspots and destruction of the underlying supporting tissues of skin, thus changing the texture and elasticity of the skin. In short, it is one of the main causes of aging of our skin.

In fact UV light is so strong that not only does it affects the epidermis and dermis, it also penetrate deep into the skin to affect the blood vessels and sweat glands of the skin.

However, not all people are equally affected by UV light. Patients with lighter skin tone will be more affected by UV light as the skin contains less melanocytes compared to patients with darker skin. Hence, patients with lighter skin should be more meticulous in protecting themselves from UV lights i.e. be religious in applying sunscreen an use a sunscreen with a higher SPF factor. Wearing long sleeves shirts, summer hat and sunglasses are also important to protect yourself from the sun.

While it is important to shield yourself from UV lights, do be mindful that the skin needs vitamin D, a vitamin D which is produced after exposure to sunlight. The trick is to ensure that you are adequately protected during exposure.