What causes wrinkles around the eyes?

The area around the eyes is very prone to getting wrinkles. Before we recommend any remedial actions on how to combat wrinkles around the eyes, why don’t we have a look at the causes that are responsible in causing them?

 Aging – our skin is elastic and it regains its original form after muscle contraction without forming wrinkles. However, as we age, our skin gradually loses some of its elasticity and wrinkle lines begin to form.

Sun exposure – over exposure to the sun dries our skin and damages the supporting structures underlying the skin. This causes an increase in the skin laxity and wrinkles formation.

Smoking – smoking exposes the skin to oxidative stress which damages its collagen and elastin. It also constricts the blood vessels over the skin, decreasing perfusion and hydration over the affected areas. This causes dull looking skin apart from wrinkle formation.

Dehydration – our skin needs to be well hydrated. Apart from drinking plenty of clear water, we need to make sure that the skin is well hydrated via external application of moisturizers and eye creams.

While aging is not modifiable, the other three are. Religious application of sunscreen, avoidance of over-exposure to the sun and cessation of smoking will do a great deal in preventing wrinkles around the eyes. Also don’t forget the eye care regime!